Polya Medvedeva


– Art School, Chelyabinsk (ДШХИ)

– South Ural State University, Media, 2006

– Studying graphic design as intern at designet.ru

– Freelance illustrator and graphic designer 2000–2016, clients: Harprer’s Bazaar Ukraine, L’official Russia; Atelier1 project for Doverstreet Market, London; Art Lebedev Studio for such clients as Sprite and Vogue Russia

– Creative director at Velar Jewellery velar.com.ua since 2010


About work

While working one realizes that the most important thing in painting is to let brush flow. The flow may give more elegance in each part of artwork. This refers to Xie He art theory “Six principles of Chinese painting” (5th century), where the first principle is "spirit resonance", the vitality (or nervous energy) which is transferred from the artist into his work.